Grfname Grsname Of Trade Gr-Father Fathers trade Brfname Brsname Of Br-father Fathers trade DD MM YYYY
George Loveless Spaxton Thatcher William Thatcher Elizabeth Criddle Spaxton William Carpenter 11 8 1837
Thomas Ridewood Spaxton Stone mason Samuel Stone mason Jane Saunders Spaxton William Lab 1 1 1838
Charles Burge Spaxton Lab Andrew Lab Anne Sully Spaxton John Farmer 9 1 1838
William Shutt Spaxton Lab John Lab Elizabeth Day Spaxton Richard Lab 5 6 1838
Edwin Biffen Charlynch Farmer John Farmer Elizabeth Crocker Spaxton Joseph Farmer 7 2 1839 He, 30, she, 26
Henry Grandfield Holford Farmer Hugh Farmer Harriet Ann Stevens Spaxton Richard Farmer 5 3 1839
George Cook Spaxton Lab John Lab Elizabeth Smith Spaxton John Lab 16 3 1839
William Slocombe N. Petherton Basket maker John Thatcher Sarah Cavill Spaxton Samuel Shoemaker 19 3 1839
William Hurman Bridgwater Draper Benjamin Farmer Louisa Biffen Spaxton William Farmer 13 8 1839
William Griffiths Spaxton Lab William Carpenter Elizabeth Luckwell Spaxton James Farmer 23 8 1839
William Dorster Spaxton Lab John Lab Charlotte Edwards Spaxton John (Thorne) Lab 18 2 1840 She, Widow
Isaac Waterman Spaxton Timber merchant Isaac Carpenter Jane Wells Pain Spaxton John Dowdney Yeoman 7 5 1840
George Rackley Spaxton Lab Thomas Lab Charlotte Palmer Spaxton George Lab 26 7 1840
James Hill Spaxton Lab William Mason Eliza Miles Spaxton John Farmer 15 9 1840
George Adams Over Stowey Lab George Lab Miriam Dibble Spaxton Isaac Lab 8 11 1840
William Sealy Spaxton Lab John Lab Leah Hook Spaxton Richard Lab 15 4 1841
John Horn Spaxton Sawyer William Webber* Lab Sarah Waterman Spaxton William Luckwell* Lab 31 5 1841 * Both these entries may have wrong fathers names as they dont tie up with the groom or bride
Henry Hurlford Spaxton Sailor William Lab Sarah Mountstephens Spaxton Joseph Lab 23 9 1841
John Warre Spaxton Lab Thomas Farmer Ann Reed Spaxton James (Pain) Lab 9 4 1842 She, Widow
Charles Wood Norton Carpenter John Carpenter Sophia Porter Spaxton John Farmer 23 2 1843
John Sellick Spaxton Shoemaker John Carpenter Jane Rich? Spaxton John (Martin) Farmer 23 2 1843 She, Widow
Thomas Priscott Spaxton Farmer Robert Farmer Mary Anne Sully Spaxton John Farmer 30 3 1843
John Davey Nether Stowey Lab John Lab Martha Thomas Spaxton John Lab 27 4 1843
Samuel Bond Spaxton Blacksmith William Carpenter Hannah Dowdall Spaxton George Blaclsmith 9 5 1843
William Burge Spaxton Lab Abraham Lab Eliza Hook Spaxton Richard Lab 7 6 1843 She, 19
James Rich Spaxton Lab Samuel Lab Leah Dibble Spaxton Isaac Lab 7 8 1843
Thomas Pounsford Spaxton Lab John Lab Jane Culverwell Spaxton John (Stone) Lab 28 12 1843 He, Widower, she, Widow
Richard Mills Spaxton Lab John Lab Isabella Haste Spaxton John Lab 21 4 1844
James Hill Spaxton Mason Moses Cordwainer Sarah Osman Spaxton John Mason 6 8 1844
William Witch Spaxton Lab Charles Lab Lydia Patten Spaxton James Lab 2 9 1844
Andrew Hill Spaxton Lab William Lab Elizabeth Porter Spaxton James Farmer 23 10 1844
Thomas Williams Spaxton Clerk William Miller Gent. Emma Perry Brightemstone? Edward Gent. 25 4 1845
George Richards N. Petherton Farmer John Farmer Lydia Chamberlain Spaxton James Carpenter 1 7 1845
Isaac Williams Spaxton Lab Richard Lab Henrietta Sayer Spaxton George Fellmonger 21 10 1845
Isaac Thomas Spaxton Lab John Lab Harriet Cavill Spaxton Samuel Cordwainer 21 10 1845
George Bryant Nether Stowey Chandler William Chandler Elizabeth Sayer Spaxton Nathaniel Millwright 30 12 1845
Charles Miles Spaxton Yeoman John Yeoman Ann Porter Spaxton John Yeoman 17 2 1846
John Jefferys Broomfield Gent. John Surgeon Ann Sellick Spaxton John Yeoman 6 4 1846
Robert Tuck Spaxton Lab Charlotte Hill Spaxton Thomas Lab 30 4 1846
John Please Spaxton Lab Joseph Lab Elizabeth Sully Spaxton William Lab 11 5 1846 He, Widower
John Thresher Spaxton Lab Thomas Lab Eliza Mogg Spaxton Richard Lab 18 6 1846
Robert Newton Enmore Butcher William Butcher Louisa White Spaxton William Farmer 7 11 1846
William Turner Cannington Yeoman James Yeoman Amelia Jane Tucker Spaxton John Inman Yeoman 19 12 1846
William Smith Spaxton Lab James Lab Mary Williams Spaxton Richard Lab 16 2 1847
Edwin Stevens Spaxton Lab Richard Carpenter Rebecca Sayer Spaxton Samuel Farmer 25 2 1847
George Powell Spaxton Lab William Lab Ann Woolcot Spaxton Joseph Lab 13 4 1847
George Porter Spaxton Yeoman John Yeoman Florence Miles Spaxton John Yeoman 22 4 1847
George Thorne Spaxton Lab John Servant Mary Waterman Spaxton William Wheelwright 26 7 1847 Both were minors
Henry Lutley Wiveliscombe Merchant John Yeoman Charlotte Tucker Spaxton John Inman Yeoman 14 8 1847
Edmund Waterman Spaxton Carpenter William Carpenter Eliza Baker Spaxton Robert Servant 6 1 1848
George Gunningham Spaxton Carpenter William Fellmonger Jane Maria Goodenough Spaxton Thomas Mason 6 1 1848
William Chamberlain Spaxton Carpenter James Carpenter Sarah Colton Snelling Spaxton Robert Schoolmaster 21 2 1848
Edward West Spaxton Blacksmith Thomas Carpenter Elizabeth Hancock Spaxton Richard Lab 20 4 1848
James Brice Spaxton Lab James Lab Jane Williams Spaxton John Lab 22 9 1849
John Pounsford Spaxton Lab Thomas Lab Ann Burgess Spaxton Thomas Shoemaker 29 11 1849
Solomon Brice Spaxton Shoemaker John Lab Amelia Jane Mullins Spaxton Joseph Lab 31 12 1849
William Ellett Spaxton Lab William Lab Elizabeth Chidgey Spaxton John Lab 26 3 1850 He, Widower
George Legg Goathurst Lab George Tailor (dec) Caroline Headford Spaxton George Mason 1 8 1850 He, Widower
Laurence Dare Spaxton Stone cutter Laurence Tailor   Mary Ann Hill Spaxton Thomas Lab 28 9 1850
John Jennings Spaxton Cordwainer John Cordwainer Esther Powell Bridgwater Anthony (Moggridge) Tailor 6 10 1850 She, Widow
Alfred Pain Aldermanbury? Merchant George Farmer Fanny Coles Spaxton Clement P. Farmer 26 10 1850
Charles Cavill Spaxton Carpenter Samuel Lab Ann Bailey Spaxton George Lab 1 5 1851 Both were minors
William Davis Spaxton Lab James Lab Mary Ann Gunningham Spaxton James Lab 5 10 1852
James Stone Spaxton Lab Samuel Lab Harriet Reid Spaxton James Lab 28 10 1852
Henry White Spaxton Lab Henry Lab Mary Anne Bird Spaxton Charles Mason 9 12 1852
James Day Spaxton Lab Edward Lab Matilda Porter Spaxton John Carpenter 9 12 1852
Michael Bell Sedgefield, Durham Tailor Michael Tailor   Sarah Anne Bishop Spaxton James Yeoman 8 7 1853
Thomas Pitman Spaxton Bricklayer Charles Sawyer Fanny Pollard Spaxton John Lab 15 8 1853
Alfred Woollen Spaxton Lab Henry Lab Sarah Hall Spaxton Richard Ware Lab 22 8 1853 She is a minor and “spinster” but her fathers name is recorded as different to hers.
John Lambert Alden Gorevyn Kingston Yeoman John L.A. Yeoman Elizabeth Mullins Spaxton John Yeoman 18 10 1854
John Beake Sedgefield, Durham Lab Edward Mason Jane Gunningham Spaxton William Lab 2 4 1855
James Bishop Spaxton Lab John Lab Elizabeth Follett Spaxton William Lab 10 4 1855
William White Spaxton Yeoman William Yeoman Emma Bailey Spaxton Isaac Yeoman 14 5 1855
James Chappel Spaxton Lab William Lab Mary Ann Dibble Spaxton Thomas Lab 11 10 1855
Charles Collard Spaxton Lab William Lab Amelia   Thorne Spaxton John Servant 29 5 1856
Thomas Holbard? Taunton Hair dresser Benjamin Draper Mary Ann Edwards Spaxton Samuel Innkeeper 7 8 1856 He, Widower
Edwin Herniman Enmore Butcher Jonathan Farmer Lucy Waterman Spaxton Thomas Publican 13 9 1856
Abraham Hook Spaxton Lab Richard Lab Mary Major Spaxton John (Allen) Mason 10 11 1856 She, Widow
Alfred Porter Spaxton Lab William Lab Sarah Ann Coles Spaxton John Farmer 4 7 1857 She, 18
William Porter Spaxton Lab William Lab Henrietta Saunders Spaxton William Farmer 20 10 1857
Michael Baker Spaxton Lab John Lab Elizabeth Williams Spaxton Richard Lab 21 10 1857
John Smith Spaxton Tailor James Lab Eliza Saunders Spaxton William Farmer 31 12 1857
Thomas Snell Spaxton Lab John Lab Harriet Hooper Spaxton Charles Lab 3 4 1858 She, 20
Thomas Pursell London Warehouseman Thomas Clerk in Govy. Office Eliza Waterman Spaxton George Tanner 21 8 1858
George Thomas Routley Spaxton Mason Thomas Lab Caroline Porter Spaxton John Lab 3 5 1859
John Styles Spaxton Lab William Lab Sarah Waterman Spaxton William Carpenter 20 10 1859
James Binding Spaxton Lab James Lab Caroline Davis Spaxton Samuel Lab 10 1 1860
Andrew Hurley Spaxton Lab Charles Lab Rhoda Mary Hook Spaxton William Lab 17 4 1860
Robert Palmer Spaxton Lab Robert Lab Hannah White Spaxton William Lab 4 10 1860
James Hill Spaxton Lab George Lab Elizabeth Seymour Spaxton Abraham Lab 25 12 1860
Charles Baker Spaxton Lab Andrew Carpenter Elizabeth Bright Spaxton Stephen Shoemaker 31 12 1860